Nowmoment for the Researcher

  • This project main objective is to help and leverage the data process, automatically and efficient for researchers, providing an open API and open community site for improvements, aiming to provide a cloud service available everywhere.


  • Nowmoment for researcher framework aims to deliver a tool for data analysis easy to use for leverage research results, also to be a data tool for making easier the data analysis using an intuitive UI and data visualization for easy understanding the data results and efficient big data processing adding a data pre-processing assisted module for cleaning data and perform better results and providing an Open API and an Open community site, for easy user access and management of data achievements sharing.


Nowmoment for the Researcher site


R-SPIRIT(Real Spirit for A.I generations) Corporation Homepage:




  • Load: User uploads data in CSV format and selects the algorithm
  • Pre-processing phase: Cleans up data following the user’s criteria
  • Execution: The chosen¬†algorithm is executed with the clean data
  • Visualization: Custom visualization charts are provided and user can choose



Our open source code: